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Tax Return Preparation

Don't play hardball with the IRS! Using a licensed CPA will take the guesswork out of what is required to keep your personal finances or business complaint with the IRS. 

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

Forget impersonal online tax software! Come to us for quality tax preparation services from a local CPA firm that wants to get you the best refund possible. We focus on self employed individuals such as Uber drivers, Door Dash, PostMates. Also, versed in getting your the best deduction for rental income and AirBnb income. 

Tax Preparation

LLCs, Partnerships and Corporations.

Business Entity Tax Prep (Form 1065, 1120, 1120S) - We specialize in tax preparation for small business, LLCs and Corporations etc. We are committed to finding and applying all the tax benefits for which our clients qualify according to IRS statutes. Every tax return starts with a thorough checklist of credits and deductions which may apply to you. After reviewing the checklist and your personal circumstances, the tax return is prepared and reviewed in detail to ensure that you are paying only the correct amount of tax.

Tax Planning Services

Our role as tax advisors is to define a comprehensive tax planning strategy for every client that ensures they pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by state and federal laws.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

If you’re experiencing tax problems, we’ll step in and deal with the IRS to rectify a wide variety of issues including wage garnishment, back taxes, tax liens, and tax levies.

State and Local Taxes

Our experience with state and local taxes will decrease effective tax rates for your business. We provide sales and use tax services, tax incentive analysis, and Nexus filings.

Ready to stop stressing around tax time?

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