In order for us to prepare your tax returns, we will need:


  • Last year’s tax return, if not filed by SCW Management LLC

  • Social security cards or ITIN letters for you and all persons on your tax return, if not already on file.

  • Photo ID (such as a valid driver’s license or other government-issued ID) for you and your spouse, if applicable.

  • All tax information and forms you received from employers, banks, etc., such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098. (See page 2)

  • Receipts or other records for all tax-related expenses. (See checklist on Page 2)

  • A voided check with bank routing number and account number for direct deposit of your refund.

Tell Us About Yourself 
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Are you married?
Did you get married, separated, or divorced in 2020?
Was there a change in the number of your dependents in the last year?
Did you have any non-US based bank or investment accounts during the last calendar year? Please note that answering "yes" does not necessarily mean that any additional tax will be owed.
Was your household harmed financially by the coronavirus pandemic, based on the above criteria?
Did you receive the first round of Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check)? These were mostly delivered between April and September 2020
Did you receive the second round of Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check)? These were delivered between late December 2020 and mid January 2021.
Did you have self-employment income in 2020?
Did you purchase health insurance through a government marketplace? Answer yes if you received a Form 1095-A.
Did you receive any disability income last year?
Did you donate to any charities by cash/check/credit card in 2020?
Did you earn any income in a foreign country last year, other than through mutual funds or other publicly traded securities?
Did you start a business, purchase rental property, or invest a significant amount into a partnership, LLC, or S-corporation?
Did you purchase, sell, or refinance your principal or second home last year?
Did you make any retirement contributions for last year?
Did you make make any withdrawals from your retirement plan or 401k?
Did you contribute to an HSA account last year?
Did you take money out of an HSA in 2020?
Did you have any debts cancelled or forgiven last year?
Did you or any of your dependents receive a distribution from an Education Savings Account or 529 plan?
Did you, your spouse, or a dependent incur any tuition expenses that are required to attend a college, university, or vocational school last year?
Is there anything else about your income or deductions in 2020 that you think we should know about?

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