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Outsourced Accountant

We’re not your typical CPA and Tax Prep firm, we serve as outsourced accountants for small business. We’ll save you time, money, and keep you compliant – all while providing you with the best customer service.

Bookkeeping Services

Accurate record keeping is a fundamental requirement of running a profitable business—but can also be complicated and time-intensive. Allow us to take it off your hands. We will become your external accounting department, offering complete relief from the never-ending flow of bookkeeping tasks.

  • Full bookkeeping data entry services

  • Full checking account and credit card reconciliations

  • Full QuickBooks set up and management of your business transactions

  • Customized chart of accounts and transaction coding for YOUR business


Accounting Services

Our accounting services provide thorough, accurate reporting and critical analysis that allow you to evaluate your financial health and we will help push you to your business and personal goals. 

  • Monthly user-friendly financial reports that you can actually understand

  • Reports include Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and more

  • Year over year comparison reports show you how your business is growing

Tax Filing & Preparation


Our staff is up to date on current and proposed changes in tax matters through continual research utilizing a variety of resources.


We offer planning and tax advice tailored to each individual or company’s financial situation.

Tax Planning

We’ll be doing your bookkeeping, tax preparation and watching your P&L – which means we’ll be able to provide you with pro-active tax planning. We’ll help you strategically lower your taxes.

SCW Management LLC prides itself on being transparent by having a simple and reasonable fee structure. While some projects cannot be firmly quoted, most business services and tax return preparation will fit into our published fee ranges. What CPA firm publishes their fees? Very few yet we do!

SCW Management LLC specializes in small businesses that generally have fewer than 100 employees. Why? We want to help people, and more importantly we want to help the business owner directly. Frankly speaking, once a business gets to a certain size management layers get in the way of owner access. Access allows us to ensure the owner(s) are leveraging the most out of their business for themselves and their families.

Amazing Customer Service

We’ve built our firm so that we can quickly handle your requests and provide you with up-to-the moment responses. We’re truly just an email, ticket request, or phone call away.

Focus on your strengths in your business and let us deal with the numbers.  Are you ready to be more organized?